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Volunteer cleanup day of the Ripoll River area

August 2012

Cafosa’s commitment is to offer products, services and activities of maximum value to our customers and with the minimum possible impact on the environment.

We are socially responsible and assess the impact of our actions on the communities in which we live and work.

As part of Cafosa’s commitment, we regularly organize volunteer days to work in different corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Cafosa’s factory is located at Santiga, an industrial area next to the city ofBarcelona. Near our factory there is a natural area through which the Ripoll River flows and it was there where we decided to make an effort to clean up and improve the area.

Cafosa has conducted this initiative with the aim to engage its associates with the care of the environment and to collaborate in their efforts to clean up this protected area.

During the day, 20 volunteer associates gathered early in the morning to clean up.

The volunteers removed waste and litter in wooded areas and the roads closest to the factory. They also placed nest boxes in different places to encourage birds to breed and they planted trees in the wetlands near the Ripoll River. The volunteers  cleaned up with enthusiasm and enjoyed themselves working outdoors cleaning up this natural area.