Our commitment

To Quality

We strive to identify our customers’ needs and comply with their requirements. For us, quality is the degree to which our products, services and activities fulfill the requirements of our customers and stakeholders.

We are convinced that the continuous improvement of processes and products strengthens our positioning as the world’s leading gum base supplier. For this, we can count on our suppliers’ valuable support and our associates’ commitment.

We measure the level of excellence of our activities and pledge ourselves to achieve our objectives in order to continuously improve. For this, we use the most adequate models and techniques, like the European Model of Quality, the ISO 9.001, ISO 22.000 and ISO 14.001 standards and the concept of Total Quality.

We guarantee the safety of our products and processes by following the most restrictive regulations and by using only food-grade ingredients in compliance with FDA 21 CFR 172.615 (US), FCC/FDA and FAO/WHO guidelines as well as other regulations on ingredients, like national and EU food requirements.

Our facilities, products and management system comply with the most outstanding requirements for both the food and the pharmaceutical industry. Our manufacturing facilities are in accordance with good manufacturing practices for food production and the principles of hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) are applied.

Cafosa’s commitment to the quality and safety of our products derives from our social, ethical and legal responsibility towards consumers and the environment..


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