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Reduction of natural resources consumption

October 2013

At Cafosa, one of our top priorities is to make our business generate mutual benefits to make a difference to people and in the planet through our performance. Thus, we aim to generate positive impacts on our environment. One of our main responsibilities as a company is to minimize our carbon footprint, while respecting the planet and helping to build a prosperous and sustainable economy.

One way we can reduce our carbon footprint is by identifying opportunities to improve our resource consumption management. Some of the progress we want to highlight is the reduction of water and energy use in the production processes at our Santiga factory (Barcelona).

We have managed to reduce accumulated water consumption until September 2012 by 15%, compared with the same period in 2012, by controlling and optimizing consumption on the places in which water consumption was most significant.

Considering the same period, we have also reduced energy consumption by 1,3% and reduced generated waste by 2%. Moreover, since March 2013, no waste has been sent to landfill, following our policy of environmental awareness. This means that we have found a valorization way for the 100% of the waste that we produce.

These results encourage us to continue working so that our impact on the community and the environment decrease in the future.