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Gum Base market 2012

Mai 2013

In order to get a better understanding of the Gum Base market and its players, Cafosa carries out a yearly Gum Base market research study that offers us a closer insight on the leading countries and regions worldwide.

Gum Base market share (in volume) remained quiet steady and our market share on the market where companies purchase their Gum Base from external suppliers is larger than the second and third player combined.

Please, note that this chart refers to where the chewing gum is produced rather than to where it is sold. This means that the product could be exported to other countries.

Estudio mercado 2012.jpg

If we take a look at Gum Base consumption (per volume), we can see that some regions increased their consumption, especially Central and South America, Africa and Asia Pacific. However, North America, Europe and the Middle-East tended to decrease their overall consumption.

If we take a look at the top-10 countries in Gum Base consumption worldwide, we clearly see that China gained importance, followed by the USA; Brazil is the third country, surpassing Poland and Mexico.

Estudio mercado 2012_2.jpg