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Customer Satisfaction Survey

November 2012

Every 2 years we carry out a survey to measure the satisfaction of our customers and partners with our products and services.

Thanks to its contribution we have been able to get a better knowledge of the areas in which they would like us to make improvements. This will allow us to take the necessary measures and give the added value to our products and services. Our main objective is always to satisfy our customers’ needs.

One of the first conclusions we have drawn from the questionnaires, is that the high level of customer satisfaction shown in previous surveys has been upheld. Our customers and partners rated their overall satisfaction with Cafosa with a score of 4. 2 out of 5. We have obtained also outstanding scores in relation to the quality of our products as welll as our commercial and technical support.

As for the areas of improvement, we have become aware that customers and partners would appreciate receiving more information about our products, the chewing gum market and trends, etc. Therefore, we will work in this direction to fulfill their expectations, and of course we will strive to offer them even more competitive products.