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Cafosa reduces energy consumption

February 2013

At Cafosa, we have a responsibility to take care of the world around us. This is why we are firmly committed with the environment and with the resources we produce in our factory.

Our facilities are focussed on reducing our energy and water consumption and on recycle the maximum waste we produce. Our associates became aware in sustainability and we encourage them to apply these concepts also in their personal life.

That is why we daily focus on sustainable practices that care for the environment. As a result of the initiatives that have been implemented in our facilities, we want to share with you some unprecedented results:

  • We have reduced our energy consumption by 7.1%
  • Our water consumption has been reduced by almost 31%
  • We recycle 78% of the waste we generate.

These results encourage us to continue implementing initiatives that take care of the environment in which we work. We are focussed to leave a better world better than how we found it.