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Cafosa gets a new look

February 2014

At Cafosa, the leading gum base supplier of gum base for chewing gum, we have launched a relevant growth and renewal project with the aim of creating new challenges for the future with a commitment to innovation. The first step the new Cafosa is taking in this direction is to update our global corporate image.

Our new visual identity will include an updated logo with brighter colours and a more contemporary design reflecting Cafosa’s ongoing desire to innovate.  This new look is the first visible step in the ambitious and detailed project of expansion and growth the company will be carrying out over the coming years. We will boost our commitment to the pharma industry with medicated chewing gum and open up new markets to expand our undisputed gum base leadership while maintaining the values of innovation, expertise and partnership for which we are well known.

At Cafosa  we have decided to put together a strategic plan to adapt to the changes in the chewing gum market, solving the requirements of our partners needs and preserving the principles that have always guaranteed the quality, responsibility, mutuality, efficiency and freedom in the company.

At Cafosa we will continue on the front line, offering gum bases for any chewing gum you may have in mind … just imagine!